Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crystal Clear Sharp Axe

Shed a tear for listeners of Nicole Sandler

I knew the night before that monday morning would be awkward. It was not so much the getting up before the sun to get the kid to high school, it was an email from Diane Lawrence subject Nicole Sandler the talk show host got canned and replaced with... hold on to your boots... the ignorimus Don Imus. WDF to the third power?

940 AM early morning time slot has been a devoted to local talkies with Nicole replacing the titanic Jim Defede about a year ago. Sandler has a passionate down home open approach to talk radio that is very real local miami.

Randi Rhodes the madame of not mincing words.

Three years ago local radio station WINZ took a gamble with Air America programming and has enjoyed the benefits of airing the unspeakable- progressive liberal reason- truth to power. The voices are impressive- callers to Jerry Springer, Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Ed Shultz, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller and others that make NPR sound like for nice little ol' ladies.

Ed Shultz, don't let the name fool ya, the anti-rush.

940 AM has been the lone noise wave that began a vital push-back to the behemoth echo-chamber built by radical conservative purveyors of hate in the past 20 years. We know the usual suspects, Rush gives way to Glen Beck, Candy Crowley spawns Kitty Pilgrims, O'Reilly the nut-rouser and the list goes on as Don Imus takes center stage right here in our swamp. There is nothing local about that dried-up cowhand.

Candy 'da crow' Crowley - cnn-ing is believing. Pigboy Jr. - Glen Beck.

So monday morning I'm listening to this twisted decrepit voice till i was greige in the face. It was like some prankster switched our meds, with some nasty side-effects. Imus replacing Nicole Sandler is a bad omen. WINZ belongs to Clear Channel Communications, the bush-friendly mega- consolidated media gobbler. Klear Channel was instrumental in the slurring of the Dixie Chicks.

Here is an exert from the official response to one listeners outrage:

Then instead of just Nicole progressive radio will be dead in South Florida completely. The station is a difficult station to operate. The progressive format has not translated to revenues like other formats have. So we are in the position where we have to evaluate its ability to generate dollars as we are a business. Plus, the morning ratings were the lowest on the station.

That said, especially in this important election year we are dedicated to the format, to choice and to providing an alternative to the other side of talk radio. Don Imus is a big name who does entertaining radio. He is some one familiar, sometimes for the wrong reasons to many people. Some of that is very unfair. Regardless he is a name we hope will bring needed attention and revenues to WINZ. And he has access to guests no other host on WINZ has.

Have you ever actually listened to his show? Please give it a try. You might find him more entertaining then you think. Change is always hard. Trust me, this one was very hard. However I hope you will give Imus a try and also stay with WINZ for the many programs you do enjoy.

Director of AM Programming
Clear Channel Miami

Geez Louise. Airing Imus on 940AM is like having Andrew Dice Clay be the door-man at a lesbian club.

Rachel Maddow is a mainsteaming the message on the corporate boob-tube.

Got no beef with Howard Stern... Clearly it's time to get satellite radio.


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