Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pie in the Sky Reagun Redux

Ronnie the "gipper" in an iconic moment of epic lucidity dreams of star-wars in orbit.

The stage is set for the next round of republican bow-outs. Conservative reagen wannabe worshipers have taken us so far out to an abysmal right field that it will take considerable efforts to return to center stage normalcy. We've seen it play-out time and again: the fundi-crazies take over with a new con, invariably trash everything we know to be good for the most People, then kick back and watch while progressive liberals restore our treasury and sanity.

But after eight years of terror foxnews lies, fear-mongering and mis-guided crony legislative blunders, we are burdened with tons of residual damage to our national integrity that is difficult to un-do. This time the damage is overwhelming. If you see daylight in the horizon keep in mind that when authoritarians run out of spin, out comes the big stick... and no one is immune from the dumb-ass side of a corporatist surveillance society.

The fashion squad busy cracking-down on impostors.

The time is ripe to tackle the problems in our dumpster. We are in an endless war, our economy is bust, the fabric of our society is in tatters, mass culture is morally bankrupt, our infrastructure is crumbling, the environment is trashed, our reputation in the world is in the gutter, the distribution of wealth/income is out of whack and some folks are making a killing.

Oh yeah, and where is this guy hiding? Maybe right in our own dumpster. I'd say keep bush/cheney till they finish the job.... but obviously they " just don't spend that much time on him".


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