Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coral Castle Morphologic

Florida swamp and cities are surrounded by a mighty body of water set on spongy Oolic coral rock practically at sea level. Off shore on the ocean floor is a little understood world of diminutive animals and plants that is intriguing at first glance and environmentally significance in depth. If you've ever watched Sponge-Bob-Square-Pants then you get where we're going.

Sunday outing enthusiasts recently took a field-trip to the home marine biology laboratory of Jared Mckay and Colin Forrd. These young gents are delightfully capable and deftly serious about all manner of coral. They may be the J. Vaughan Thomson and Charles Darwin of our town. In the shadow of the Seaquarium they are the quiet relentless effort defining the creative process that will advance our understanding of nature. It was our treat to see the goings-on of their work in progress. This is much more than aquarium tanks pumps and tubing, it is home to a myriad of minuscule entities that are determined to multiply, given the right conditions.

"... Coral Morphologic seeks to build a bridge between aquarists, marine life collectors, and scientists in order to better understand these organisms...."

This is a miniature world of fascinating photo-luminscent creatures that live mostly on daylight and algae. They are a key component and indicator in a balanced healthy marine environment.

When the sun goes down these tiny coral close-up for the night but if you shine a black-light they open-up to reveal amazing bioluminescent, day-glo, fluorescent colors.

For some decent photos of this little understood world
Coral Morphologic has perfected the art/science of micro-aquariums.


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