Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't know, I'll Ask Her.

With the Olympic media spectacle all but out of public view, the news is now about convention-orama round the clock. As in Beijing, what we saw and heard from Denver is an undeniably dynamic and new symphony for pummeled democrats.
So now it is not surprising that from the iconic make-believe world of mavericks and dinosaurs, Grandpa McSame picked Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Fair enough.

But it is a well known US census fact that there is a shortage of women in Alaska. The Eskimos in general are also concerned for how white man might cope given a severe shortage of good women. So why is McCain recruiting one of Alaska's best pumas away from the hard working folks of the great 49th. Dang, horse thief.

The logic is an unchangeable lack of vision that might be called the Bridge-to-Nowhere strategy for vicarious victory. By picking a closet democrat the republicans are desperately anointing themselves with the soothing salve of C.H.A.N.G.E. for their broken demoralized party. Change How Americans Get Educated.

And with all due concern for Biden's bid, in today's celebrity-worship, public-relations propaganda mill for engineering consent, Palin's appeal to the Hillary die-hard supporters, the sour-grapes-pumas may be the spoiler vote. In our winner-take-all rigged representational elections system, the VP choice not really the peoples choice.

Beauty queen contestant by night and fundi-fruitcake by day, she can look you in the eye and tell you black is white.... black as in big oil.

Palin was most decidedly hand-picked by the GOP, not so much by grampi-McC.

While the great '09 white house horse race gallops along, the world's down-trodden lumber along towards the final frontier in November.


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