Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recurring Encores

Miami Art Museum has a summer showing of selected works from their permanent collection. There you can see the copulating staircases aka miami does paris by Daniel Arsham. What's missing in the picture is size and feel. Art, like sex, is an experience best served first-hand with fantasy. Summer in the swamp for the taxpayer fueled art industry is more like reality, curatorially its not exactly a sink or swim proposition. When the local institutions roll out the old and new tried and true "it's new to you" selections from their recent acquisitions, they are working the operative word "floating". Floating till the fall season when all chips are in. But all is not quite with the arts community with only three weeks of gallery-walk Saturdays before Basel Art and Design Miami. As always the best kept secret is , the genesis of art is where the action is. To put it mildly, the artist studio is the place where art is made 365, the gallery is where it goes to shimmer and the museum is where it goes to repose.

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