Friday, August 15, 2008

American Marble Recycled

"Jacob Epstein" 2008 swampthing

It was recently noted in the blogoscene that there is a deficiency in miami art postings, maybe it is because there are other more critical issues to consider, like getting the rent money. But like a good art-soldier, here is a bit of good news for artists who work with american marble aka styrofoam. As a fabricator to the stars I have been using eps foam professionally for years with great results... and allot of left-overs that are often re-used to make more art. Polystyrene is used in many plastics applications and is definitely not bio-degradable. Finally there is a 'green solution" to the great styro-dilemma. Thanks to new pal Will for the info:

Blue Earth Solutions - Blue, the new green. We recycle Styrofoam®™

Styroguy - Fun with styro-scraps.

FordFlexFossil 2008 swampthing

"Hammock" for Daniel Arsham 2008

"American Eagle" for Piotr Uklanski 2006

Bhakti-balls for Baxter 2006

Stellated Dodecahedron for R&R Studio 2007

Styrofoam is a curious passive metaphor for our unsustainable modern plastics dominated life-styles.


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