Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cheney, Toronto and thong bikinis

Mr Goef Yourself

While XVP Dick Cheney makes news in his coagulated retirement from global devastation , he is recovering from a gunky ticker perhaps in Dubai or Uruguay. As the current leaders of the sick world gather north of the border in radical Toronto Canada for the G-8 Gee-20 Summit, there is little sympathy here for Cheneys neo-con job war machine legacy as once ceo of oil dragon Helliburton.

Mr. I don't care about history

At the same time ex prez Gee W Bushed, another oily magnate, is nowhere near Maple Leafland pow-wow. Where is he exactly, why are these guys, who trashed america bigtime, so absent from the scrutiny of the press? Is it exactly this kind of "forward bygones thinking" that lets major league blundering criminals so off the hook. Can we accept the wacky Rumsfeld defense of the "unknown unknown" disclaimer? The answer is an anosgonosic yeah.

Can You Cannuk?

Canadians pride themselves on their maple syrup, civility and living north of the political demarcation that separates them from Amerikkka. They think we are crazed violent haters and we think they are slow frozen fruities. But the one thing we have in common is the onslaught of globalization, of the not so newworldorder that creepy papa Bush Sr. lauded with silent alarm years ago.

Lawful Assembly

As i write this canadian civilians are showing us how it is done, assembling their flesh and bones en mass at delineated public spaces in a show of solidarity and grave concern for a myriad of serious unresolved world-class economic and human rights problems. Thus far 500 people have been arrested.

Park Your Mouth Over There

But Canadadian activists are not much different than their American counterparts when it comes to standing up to the progress of oppression. One Montreal-based activist, Stefan Christoff, has come under harassment from the Canadian intelligence agency, CSIS.

Taking Our Leader to the Leaders

Being now the establishment, our Obama must play the part of tough leader of the free world and cool guy. He is the best we got to sit down with his political peers. He needs to be kept safe to solve every last single problem and future problems, one summit at a time.

Here are just a few pictures of Toronto "little people" and their robocops courtesy of Cryptome:

Flaunting Authority is hazardous to you behind...

Oops, how did this candid of our state leader get in here!



  1. Ed a Canadian living in the USAJune 27, 2010 at 10:37 PM

    But the anarchy shown by the actions are to convey what message.? Whether you agree with the protestors or not, the message they leave through their horrible behavior defeats their purpose.

    There is no communication here: it is people bent on nihilism and destruction.

    I have lived in Toronto for many years: the police have always been courteous, ethical and honest.

    I wonder how many of the protestors are Canadians versus imports who follow the conference from venue to venue.

    Hey, maybe thats what globalization is about...taking a message of hate worldwide.

  2. Ed, the riot police is also imported.

    ...some of the results of globalization have not benefited most people or the other living creatures that share our planet. The primary reason is that the driving force behind globalization has largely been the establishment of a global economy which puts profits before people or the planet. Corporations have been given tremendous power to alter the course of our lives. Instead of helping to make the world a better place, the changes caused by globalization are causing more and more suffering in the world. The environment is becoming more polluted; species of plants and animals are becoming extinct; cultures and languages are being lost; and the gap between the very rich and the very poor is growing larger each year. from the BetterWorld Movement