Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dade Disparities Abound

Dig This, Dude

Miami 2010 - We are getting one of these italian diggers to build a tunnel under the swampy port of miami ... costs only 1 crazzilion.

No Walls About It

Miami 2011 - We are also getting one of these to house an art collecting institution... costs little over 2 cazzilions.

Raise the Roof High

Miami 2012 - We are also getting one of these bowls for the lawful assembly of paying riotous sports tribes... costs 3 crazzilions give or take a million.

Money Ain't a Thing

Miami 2013 - The public money is from the county's $2.9 billion Building Better Communities general obligation bond program, which is earmarked for everything from renovating local libraries and renourishing beaches to providing $100 million for the art museum and $175 million for the science museum -- the two new museums are the largest projects on the list.

Wait a Minute

Miami 2013 - Admittedly there are pockets of very nice neighborhoods here; from fabulous celebrity homes n grandiose condo towers to respectable middle class adobes, places we can be proud of. But there are also plenty of the often avoided and depressed hoods in a suburbanscape of mediterranean shanty.

Orange Bowl 2 - the cuban colloseum

Miami 2014 - It is worth noting that few activists were more vocal with cautious alarm than Norman Brahman who called for fairness in disbursements from gangs of deliberating elected officials decided to create a 'public debt/private profit' project. With moneys that did not exist morphed into expenditures, years of continued disparity for balanced urban development has been assured.

Bulk Pick-up Canceled

Miami 2015 - It is sad to drive around the construction site of the new stadium. The neighborhood can not be more depressed.

Señora Sindinero

Miami 2016 - This lady appreciates any help with next month's rent...

Miami Cacharro

Miami 2017 - This driver's car needs some auto work, but he's gotta feed his family first.

The disparities may be perfectly legal but are they fiscally sound in these strenuous times?


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