Monday, June 7, 2010

Swamp FAQ's

Q. What is it about the swamp that man wants to affront?

A. Nature itself.

Q. Who knew that a fertile inhospitable swamp would one day be a country club?

A. Swamp salesmen, speculators and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

Q. Do you know, where is the beach?

A. In the shadow of our towering luxury dwellings.

Q. Who paved paradise and put up a concrete jungle?

A. Greedy guys with a gold-plated shovels and unlimited bank credit.

Q. Why do such monstrosities continue to get built unabated?

A. Just ask Eye on Miami.

Q. Where on earth are the hearts and minds of the officials?

A. They are in the dredging of the revenue streams.

Q. When will the carcasses of never-to-be completed structures that litter the swamp be removed?

A. Never.

Q. What is the only good thing around here?

A. The ocean, sand and sky. Our Beach.

But soon we will have Effed that up also.


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