Saturday, June 26, 2010

swampspace the un-gallery


It is a matter of fact that many things have been discussed at my studio in the design district. Someone once said the place is the heart of the hood. Maybe so but for me it feels more like an appendage, people could do without. Even though a purpose may be illusive, coincidence is fate and persistence has merit. Another visitor expressed the math equation 365 X 80 = a measly 29,200 or not a big number by todays figures. Turns out that sum is the amount of days in a good life expectancy, or at least a long one. Geeb! make Every Day count... even the ones we squander in the pursuit of idling.

the genesis

So it is that we mark one year to the day when swampspace gallery opened its doors. The place was conceived at a time of certainty when all that prime swamp-estate needed was a name and willing appreciators. Google has graciously and automotronically stepped up to cement this occasion with their support of a new blog devoted to swampspace, the venue, its events, ambitions and accreditation.

first a word from our sponsor

What better than to have your sweat equity and futility parley beyond gestation and have an idea grow legs, take flight and stand alone.

Swampstyle will just have to get used to blogger's ENS - Empty Nest Syndrome.

Four More Years

First Lady does a hulla-hoop cheer to celebrate the new blog with best swishes to,
the un-gallery for change.


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