Monday, June 7, 2010

art keeps you young, Kinda

She wanted to be a lawyer but...

Her parents owned a gallery in Paris in 1920 that dealt primarily in antiques...

She married Robert Goldwater, an American art historian...

Spider Women

Lousie Josephine Bourgeois became an artist. A female artist to be exact.

She confided to the world that she obsessively relived through her art the trauma of discovering, as a child, that her English governess was also her father’s mistress.


So few female artists have been recognized as truly important, and you have to be really strong and brave to last as long as she has. It's incredible: she's known all these great men and outlived them all. Stella Vine

In Her Own Words

"Art is a guarantee of sanity. That is the most important thing I have

One Good Republican

Dennis Hopper RIP once said:

“I've been a Republican since Reagan. I voted for Bush and his father. I don't tell a lot of people, because I live in a city where somebody who voted for Bush is really an outcast”


He also said:

I should have been dead ten times over. I`ve thought about that a lot. I believe in miracles. It`s an absolute miracle that I`m still around.

Brotherly Groove

People who believe that New York has lost its anything-goes cultural energy have just been going to the wrong parties. In basements, lofts, studio spaces and bars around the city, there are still plenty of opportunities to connect creatively...

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