Sunday, July 4, 2010


Stones Will Roll

Wrapped in the flag of patriotism, our national psyche celebrates its 234th day of independence for British Pompocracy and its tyrannical heavy-handed taxation without representation.

Black Tea Flag Party

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a smashing success. Some colonists reached a sipping point when the British Parliament placed a heavy tax on basic stuff like caffeinated black tea leaves.
That was the tax that broke the loyalists purses. In classic black-flag style the fellas donned indian costumes and proceeded to trash the harbour.
Three years later, with the help of our french friends we musketed our way to independence.

Todays TEA party also has a short fuse with cries of
"Taxed Enough Already"
I wonder what costume they will wear when attempting to secede.

Alito and Scalia Court Disaster

Two recent supreme court decisions that mar this years 4th of july are:
1. They said its AOK for corporations to give as much money as the want to buy polititians.
2. They said its AOK to for any crazy american to own a gun or two.

Me First

Everybody is in on ramping up the rhetoric.
The Mob is Coming for Our White Women, are you ready?

Progressive Arsenal

Even Big Clinton has lost his mind, he wants to pull out the navy nukes and blast the unstoppable BP oil gusher in the Gulf... good luck w that.

Free Pizza with Every Purchase

We are not the only ones arming to the nines. Look around and you will find model dual citizen Jack Abramoff getting out of jail early for god behavior, landing a job in a pizza parlor and maybe even back to his old uber-lobbying tricks, just not in broad daylight.

Amp Up the Volume

The whole system is insane.
We kill for sport, justice and our way of life.
A heartless few profit from the war machine.

Dump, American Style

We have to keep up the status quo, or else who knows, the gods may switch sides.

Marco Rudio

Vote for him, he's 50% cuban - 50% teabag.

Love It or Bomb It

Have a Bang-a-Bong-Blastic Fourth of July 2010.


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