Thursday, July 16, 2009

microcosm of dade county

Surfside Social Club Closed.

The people have spoken... one third of the registered voters turned out to decide if it would be smart to borrow ten million dollars to build a new community center and the result was predictable.
489 yay to 636 nay. These days, people are understandably skittish about debt, duh.

Adorning the Town hall Walls.

The thing is, for it's short history, Surfsiders have always had a place to congregate... besides the shul or the shore. But not no more.

Rubble in the Swamp.

Here's the kicker: the way the county law goes, your portion of the debt is calculated on your property tax. Meaning grandma that has been here forever pays a fraction of the debt and flipper next door who bought at the height of the bubble pays lions share. Fair enough. It is no wonder that we will not be having a fancy new place to chill for the foreseeable future.

No matter, the ocean is still there and it is FREE.

Like other towns in Metro Dade, Surfside is not aberrant, it is a microcosm of the bigger swamp that is South Florida.

I can think of nothing less swampy.



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  2. Surfside's 2004-2005 plan to rehab the old center and pool and build an adjacent library would have cost about $8 million had would have been DONE. Residents should be asking hard questions and demanding answers about this predicament and not just saying "oh well, what's done is done." I do believe some malfeasance and lack of social conscious is at play here.

    Perhaps present day Surfside is best summed up by the resident (who sits on the P&Z board) remarked at a meeting: "I don't live in Overtown; I live in Surfside, a beach front community and I WANT my DAMN community center!"

  3. Swamp, you got what you wanted, and the voters who got hoodwinked into supporting the present band of incompetent merrimen got what they wanted, and the result of a town going down cant be a surprise really can it? Five officials all bound by a common thread of greed and ego? They lied their way into office but cant lie their way into being any good at being in office.