Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time of the Signs

Code Green in the Face.

We all understand color coding of our prescribed temperament. Back in the hay-days of homeland insecurity, it was obvious to some that all was going south and no amount of duct tape would mend our ailing psyche. Today the signs continue to accumulate in the concretescape of the swamp.

Laying Down the Crude.

Why do we continue to consume barrels of oil like there is no tomorrow?
Why is the Julia Tuttle Causeway being re-surfaced? Because it is business as usual for DOT and Dade builders/destroyers.

Smoke gets in your Eyeballs.

No that's not a tropical thunderhead approaching.

The Burke Mansion burns in the early summer swelter. In the posh enclaves of Miami Beach this ridiculous residence was a symbol of 70' excess and frivolous fantasy that was synonymous with South Florida lifestyle. Luxury living was our number one industry. But these are changing times and what was once the admiration of the wanabe's has become the tinderbox for a new swampy order.

First Responders Ponder.

When is snitching actually a good thing? Best before the fact, but i will wager for every high profile insurance scam there are score of others that get no ink. Dade is littered with 'for sale', 'for rent, 'foreclosures', 'short-sales', upside-down sales', yard sales' and other signs of the times that spell hell for millions falling through the safety nets of society. Expletives such as "fucked-up" are on everyones lips.

We Buy Ugly Info.

Who would not parley insider information into cold cash in the culture of snitchers.
The Burke Mansion was a really cool place, a hybrid of design with Vincent Price, Hugh Hefner, Santa's Enchanted Forest, Vizcaya and Epcot Disney obvious influence. My kid was friends with the caretakers kid who would have pool parties on occasion. The place was really dungeons n dragons.

Miami Socio, the Path to Vice.

If you are old enough to recognize the name, Austin Burke, then you probably have some really interesting outfits in your closet that might off-set the current slow-down in your revenue stream. I predict that 1970's fashion will rear it's hilarious head among the trendy soon.

Vote for Me, I'll Set You Free.

And speaking of signs, what's your WTF take on this jewel of an image?


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