Friday, July 17, 2009

Smurf Universe

Smurfy Summer Daze.

With the dog days of summer comes opportunity. This is a great time to visit people that are most deserving of our affection and encouragement. So let's do our due diligence.
Under the highway with George Sanchez Calderon. Maybe the spankiest studio in the land of Oz south of Wynwood. I wonder if we are related?

The Place with No Front Door.

We've all seen buildings with no window and buildings for cars (more on that later) so you might say to yourself, " oh wow!" when approaching this building with no obvious entry. Well just like alice in wonderland one must step through the looking glass to enter into a world of street cred and prestige in the swamp.

Smurf Central.

Back in 1984 I never imagined S M U R F would be in the encyclopedia. History shows these funky blue belgian bunnies were embraced by us the proto-hip-hop culture. Today you will find our prodigy chilling at Our House West Of Wynwood. Weird that the best thing in Wynwood is not actually there.

Oh Yeah!


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