Thursday, July 2, 2009

Funnybones for Franken

What were you doing in 1975?

Convoluted Coleman may have been cool back in high-school but he grew up to be a just another republican dweeb a boneheaded hipo-crat. His contention of the vote count for senate seat in Minnesota dragged out for eight flippin months till the state supremes closed the case on his face. theres a little hunting shack in the boundary waters for you to commiserate at, seeya norm.

Mr. 60 vote Majority goes to washington.

Hooray for Al Franken! He has always been a great american and will serve the people well in disgusting DC. He is the best that the mid-west has to offer, and damn it he's good enough. He was great in SNL and perfect fo Air-America. Nothing will spoil him. Funny, smart and uhh... a looker?

Quit Kidding n Start Campaignin'!

Now that the ground is paved for everyman to have political ass-pirations, Swampstyle endorses our very own Dave Barry for Florida Governor. He will kick chucky Crist's fake tan from Kayo Weso to Itchetucnee.

F*shin' B*tch Channels Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman, and just about every great sewer-mouth that ever slimed the stage.

And while we are at it... swampstyle also endorses Lisa Lampanelli for what ever ails you.
If humor is the best medicine, this loose-liped lady is the big pharma of comedy. Fox loves her as repugs are the sickest of all minds. This buxom broad ain't afraid a nothin'!

Like okay, where have you been all my life?


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