Monday, February 9, 2009

Sprechgesang Rock

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Langerado Concert may be canceled but....

For the 80' New Wave band that got it's name from a flying fortress killing machine, the B-52s are still a force for Good Times today. Saturday's concert at the Jackie Gleason Theater on Miami Beach was a musical event for old and young. The only thing keeping the house from bubbling over with enthusiasts was the price of admission.

Juniors Beware. Fogies just gotta have fun.
Senior Fox Veteran Rocker aficionado enjoys a dance in the isles with young fan. Some of the kids there were delighted to see the cheerful crowd of mostly 40 plus types... sporting 20 something fashions and reeling in the contagious sounds that made the band world famous.

More than a One Hit Wonder.
With over 60 years on continued service The Stratofortress B-52 bomber is the pride and joy of USA defense department's arsenal of heavy lifters. It carries more hits than the B-52s.

If one is frightening, many is friggin' frightening. If we spend billions bombing the lobster out of other people, then we could invested a little to win hearts and minds around the world with popular musical talent like the B-52s. People love the sound and it would save tons of dough.


Band of Misfit Boys n Girls.
Originally from Athens, Georgia the B 52s are All-American Talent with 30 years of musical accomplishments and hairdos to rival the nose-cones of the bombers.

Live to Rock Another Day at the Funplex.

Mr. and Mrs. Swampthing back-stage with long-time pal Fred Schneider ( Mr. Sprechgesang).

Also back-stage a the Jackie Gleason found some great murals by legendary David LeBatard LEBO. Finally, special thanks to Miami's own Rhythm Foundation for their continued support of the local scene.


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