Friday, February 13, 2009

LoveSick Fri13

On the eve of Saint Valentine's Day, nothing says "I Love You" better than sharing germs. What's a few sniffles between consenting adults. But there are some bugs out there today that are downright debilitating. Dear Mrs. was very sick early this week and so it is that swampthing is way under the weather and projecting from all ends, if you know what i mean. This 24 hour flu that is running roughshod is putting a damper on our weekend.

No amount of pepto-dismal will cure this malady. My otherwise fit self is but a shadow of a wreck. Whatever is going around packs a punch that leaves you worthless and longing for better days. Damn be those tiny monsters from the viral realm.

With so much to do this weekend, I wish it was easier to stop them blasted little bacteria. I have never felt so sick. Luckily it only lasts two days.

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