Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SFDB 1903

Congratulations to SouthFloridaDailyBlog.

Like an automatonic editorial dredge, SFDB has stood sentry over the sifting of under-reported anthropological relevance from a myriad of scrap on the web.

From it's tumultuous gestation- stuck on the expressways in the swamp, to the garage bugler of nuanced local web publishing SFDB continues a legacy of dedicated googling work. This grape-vine site is updated more often than the Herald but less often than Fark.

Vintage Clip Art - Hialeah, Florida circa 2007

Align Center

Rick's is the preeminent Go-To Place for ranting, ruminating, vacillating, commiserating and sometimes consternating personal blog journal entries from Miami. Rick's place is up and running with the one year mark in the rear view mirror.

How would SFDB like a Vintage Truck for his First Birthday.
Compliments of swampstyle.


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