Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Duck, Cover, White-Wash, Repeat

In the old days, people were preoccupied with survival to the point of obsession. It was great business for the enterprising bomb-shelter and canned food folk. What's old is new again.

Where's the Tunnel At?

Miami the city-scape is an ever-changing attempt to create a utopian place that is just right for those willing and able to pony-up and get locked-in to the treadmill of revenue streams.

Best and Worst, Side by Side

But in the process of building utopia we will destroy the swamp and everything else. Evidence the changing face of urban graffiti. There are lots of new murals about town, some are striking others mundane. There is also a white-washing of old murals that are now gone forever, thanks no doubt to the county graffiti police wielding the sign ordinance enforcement for cash.

Hug Me, It's Nuclear Tuesday

This particular image in Wynwood is unique for it's content and character. The subject is of a lover's embrace in a landscape of apocalyptic nature. It is a near perfect sci-fi expression of how many must feel given the current conundrums of a city in flux at a time of national and world uncertainties.

DWNTWN without the TrOuble.

One thing is certain. The future will be here... someday. Miami planners are imagining a place that conjures images of BladeRunner ala swampstyle.

Here is a brilliant idea for living in a really small space... even as people are leaving South Florida in search of less green-greedy pastures.

And here is my favorite Graffiti of the Month.


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