Monday, October 27, 2008

that'll be 100 AMERO's por favor

When perestroika took hold, communism presumably ended and we won. Today the unspeakable truth is capitalism is going the way of the russian restructuring. More bluntly, it's failed upwards. Wall street thanks it's lucky stars, aka the taxpayers. Randy Rhodes said it best, "it's about privatizing the profits and socializing the debt." Thanks W.

And now without further delay, here comes the AMERO. Rhymes with the EURO.

Follow the swaggerer; mexico, usa, canada
North America in it's entirety is sliding towards a political boundary-free market target.

This is not a Franklyn Mint Commemorative coin. It's your new money, when the dollar is so devalued you will want to wrap fish in it.

......... and the rich keep getting filthier while the downtrodden get ricketier.


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