Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christopher Colonic Day

History is written by the winners. Revisionists tweak it.

Once again it is Columbus Day Sale in the new world. But what is there to celebrate exactly?

Some folks don't need much of an excuse to dress up and parade down main-street; or get drunk and go boating.... nothing wrong with that.

To be fair, ol' Cristobal Colon was a good navigator, let's give him that.

The new world is not so new anymore. What we have learned is what has been forgotten.
Going back to 1492, it is clear Queen Isabella and her rapture crowd was in need of gold to finance their heady version of reality. To fight god's fight they needed to expel the Moors from the promised land. We still have that mentality today, the "Accelerated Rapture Folk" are convinced "The End Is Near", they are the only ones that will be saved.

"... October 12 1492, land was spotted by a lookout of the Pinta. As Columbus approached the island he named San Salvador, Tainos natives appeared on the shores. What to make of the first encounter of Columbus and the Taino has filled books upon books of debate (we do not want to go into it here). Some interactions and actions between both groups to keep in mind are: Columbus renamed all the land, seas, etc. he found in the name of Spain; Columbus exchanged Spanish trinkets with the Tainos in the hope of discovering where they hid their gold; Columbus claims that he would like to convert the Tainos to Christianity and Spanish customs through love rather than force, yet he also takes many Tainos prisoners to serve as interpreters; the Tainos, at first, think the Spaniards are gods and treat them with awe. For the most part, the first encounter with the natives is not filled with confrontation but manipulation of mixed intentions."

The inconvenient truth is there is much known about the little pale men in tin suits, with a bible in their armpit, riding high on horses. What gave them the 'right' to pillage and plunder the people and nature of a tropical paradise we call home today? Blind Arrogant Lust.

If you want a belly-full clear picture of the genocide at the hands of western thinking and the resilient spirit of indigenous "insurgents", read no further than the story of the Haitian people.

"... From the time King Ferdinand of Spain congratulated Columbus on his Christmas day landfall near Cap Haïtien then declared open season on West Africans for his New World sugar plantations there, Haiti has been a land of warm and gracious people racked by violence and suffering."


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