Friday, October 3, 2008

Miami Graffiti Police is Anti-Hope

This was bound to happen.... officials are hopeless authoritarian (insert-four-letter-word-here).

The City of Miami is Hopeless

"....What we never expected stuck to the mural was a notice of violation from the City of Miami claiming we were in violation of ordinances because of Grafitti on the property and that we erected, constructed or posted a sign without a finalized permit. I kid you not. The code inspector considered it graffiti and the erection, construction, posting etc., of a sign without a finalized permit. If it doesn't come down by the 6th, Simon gets fined up to $200 a day with threats of liens on the property. ..."


1 comment:

  1. Graffiti artists in general produce both legals, drawings that are done with the permission of a building owner, and illegals. Burners, the big showoff pieces, are generally legal because so much time is needed to paint them; artists work for days, often basing their work on a sketch.
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