Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's Lonely at the Top

The emperor has no Head; numbers cruncher Paulson spinning the Grande Socialist Bailout for the paparazzi. When is enough too much?

The mouth of the Miami river; Mary Brickel spinning in the Indian Circle.
View from the 47th floor of the Ian Pei BankAmerica building downtown miami.

"...builder of highly amenitized condos in Florida (no subprime purchasers welcome there), filed for bankruptcy in August. Very few of the tens of thousands of now-surplus condominiums in Miami were conceived to be marketed to subprime borrowers, or minorities—unless you count rich Venezuelans and Colombians as minorities. "

Urban romance. I always kinda wanted to live downtown... not anymore.

Go Tall and Sprawl. Steaming moist concrete swamp... as far as the eye on miami can see.

Charm with Alarm. Much of Miami (the silent tax base) looks like this.


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