Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lions, Lambs n Proselytizers

I used to live in Brooklyn near the Watchtower, the place where Jehovah's witnesse's printing presses buzzed 24/7 filling truck-loads of literature bound for world-wide distribution, to be used in their door-to-door proselytizing. The pamphlets are thoroughly amusing in a deeply psychopathic way. Their vision of things earthly is the subject for a rather extensive and impressive collection of illustrations that can only be described as far-out and gregorian.

All is not well in the river's edge, baby moses no likey hair extensions.

If it is Sunday, it must be get-out-n-save-souls day. How many time have you been racked by a group of mild-mannered folk with offers of plain talk. I actually enjoy taking a moment to converse and exchange ideas with them, rattle some screws, and always take the free stuff.

To be fair, JW's are perfectly nice people. The artist that render copious amount of illustrations depicting their JW utopian vision of the world are inspiring to many young artist with Bob Ross leanings. There was a time when art and architecture, with cavernous cathedrals and glorious depictions of biblical scenes, had the ability to convert unsuspecting mongrels . But not so much today.

But when the lights go out, and the ink hits the press, Jehovah Witnesses are a cult like so many others that is all about doom, gloom and the selling of salvation. This apostate ain't buying.



  1. Most of their materials have the same look. I once read a JW cartoon of a little girl who talked to the devil. It was extremly scary.