Tuesday, October 21, 2008

R.I.N.O.'s Redemption

Republican In Name Only: Dear Colin Powell, I take back all the trash talk.

Today's MakeGood Award goes to Colin Powell, for coming clean and endorsing the lean mean obama machine. The General is Colin Powell, an American Human Being (with faulty intelligence sometimes).

Look, we all make mistakes, we all keep secrets, but Powell swallowed a big pill at the UN lead up Iraq War PowWow. He sold us FEAR with bunch of aluminum tubes and we bought it, hook line and sinker.

Smells like anthrax... that's why I think twice before working for republicans.

Royal Flush. W, keep your boots on till Jan 09. Don't let the doorknob git-yall, where the good lord split-yall.



  1. Before the endorsement he was just a house negro to you. Now he's your boy.

    so typical

  2. anonymouse, typical bastard people with pig shit for brains know how to spot a racist, just look in the mirror.