Friday, September 19, 2008

Woman's Man

The modern swamp is a weird place. No condition is permanent.

All aboard at the south-bound train from Viscaya Metro station platform, strangely empty.
Destination University of Miami Women for Obama event.

Eight thousand Obama supporters lumbered in.
The longest line was the E-ticket crowd.

TSA did a stand-up job screening at the entrance. no need to go limp.

Our next president. Ohh yeah, and ahh Debbie Wasserman's Schultz...

A group of young black guys disrupted the speech with heckles of "obama go home" while holding illegible signs, something about KFC. The 'man' told them it's ok to hold up signs, but not to interrupt. They dutifully marched off with security escorts. a non event, odd disturbance in the nose bleed seats.

Three awesome future voters, these DASH kids skipped school to be there for the historic event.

This gentleman is running for job of county property appraiser.


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