Saturday, September 27, 2008

License to Hate

When a team of divers recovered this 2 ton bronze Nazi Eagle from the wreck of the Graf Spee of the coast of Uruguay, they decided to cover the swastika so as not to offend the public.

After the Dem convention in Denver, the Rove appointed Colorado state attorney Roy Eid dropped the charges against the three would-be self-confessed Obama assassins, the patsy dumb-ass swastika sporting meth-heads. With one stroke of his pen, Eid not only politicized law enforcement, he gave the green-light to all homegrown haters that it is ok to act on their despicable emotions. The crazies get the message, but most other americans really aren't paying too much attention.
To contrast the aftermath of the conventions, the repug in St.Paul brought us images of their police state jack boot thugs detaining college kids, grandmas, journalists Amy Goodman and about 400 regular folk for "conspiring to riot".

See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil.
These are the faces of the children of the conservative media agenda, theRush Limpbaugh, O'Reilly, GlenBeck haters cult.

Count me out of that "we".
The haters are working over-time to further their racist ideals.
Where is the outrage?

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