Sunday, September 21, 2008

Muddy the Waters

It is easy to understand why many many republicans will hold their nose and go with obama. Everyone loves a winner.

Though i have not worked for republicans since 2000, they are still my friends, family and neighbors. But when I saw this on the lawn down the street... flabbergast was the first response. The second was geez, how sad that grandpy mcSame's campaign actually printed and distributed such an audacious graphic. And how is it that conservatives manage to avoid deep personal reconciliation after the humongous lapse of logic of the past 8 years.

With democrats like those, who need republicans?
Exhibit W: Their weather worn W'04 bumper-sticker, go figure.

sad little people.

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  1. Every time I see one of those stickers--and they're less frequent than they were even a year ago--I have to remind myself that about 30% of the country still loves the idiot and is convinced he's the best president ever. I'm torn between being terrified that anyone is still like that and glad that they're such a small percentage.