Saturday, September 27, 2008

ID Chips Ahoy

Lone motorist GPSing on the Julia Tuttle beach-bound. The swamp is her oyster.

It's good to be a Kickapoo when traveling from Canada or Mexico to and from the USA.
But your native Indian tribe member card will not be enough. You will also need a Nexus Card, or a Fast Card, or a Sentri Card, a smart passport, and an enhanced drivers license. Plus you will still have to remove your shoes and muster the wear-with-all to totally go limp when the rookie is processing you. Finally, you can probably sign up now for the sub-dermal "ID chip" implant. It's painless and lasts a lifetime of travel.

ID schmidy, buck on this.

As part of the patrirot act, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is well under way to becoming reality when fully implemented by 2009. This would not be all together a bad thing if it were not for the simple fact that the gathering of human individual intelligence is one of those totally Orwellian nightmare that has become reality under the painful bush/cheney/mccain master-disaster. Never in the history of the human race have we common folk had such a complete and oppressive intrusion into our privacy and ability to to travel freely. Who among us does not value their individuality enough to scream bloody murder when we see the ill-effects of the past eight years.

So open up a can of Kickapoo Joy Juice and celebrate the little privacy remaining.

Two's the limit.

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