Saturday, September 20, 2008

quarters make dollars

If you go to park your car in the only public metered lot on the beach at 21 street and Collins, a shady private guard planted on a folding chair will want 2 bucks from beach residents and 10 buck if you are a non-resident. Friday night 11:45 PM at the Design District trendy restaurants, meter maids are out with a vengeance for luxury diners. Moral Gable street scene, just more of same kind of neurotic parasitical nuisance. DwnTwn is a ghost-town till the clubs crank-up another round of nocturnal citation issuing sprees. Wynwood's gallery-walks ... parking not so bad thus far, but it's just a matter of more meters, signs n stripes. Once the pond is stocked, it's fishing time for the meter-maid brigades.

What a bunch of turds. Nothing is more disturbing than petty greed on a big scale.
WTF with the parking situation in the swamp, it's nothing short of a calculated assault on our public commons and shrinking wallets. To whom do the streets belong to now-a-days? We have about five minutes remaining in the "quality of life meter".

Reading this article in a recent SunPost on the idea floating around miami beach city hall for privatizing meter-maids is like swimming through a cloud of stinging jelly-fish to find the truth.

“I have to tell you, I have a big problem with the way they treat people, the way they’re out there doing things,” Bower said Aug. 21. “They are our ambassadors out there. They should be polite to everybody.” mayor Bower

Basically the mayor and friends want to fire a bunch of unionized dumb-ass city employees then continue the harassment of the public using private armies of dumb-ass meter-maids. Then to top of the cluster-fck they want to have the cops take over the whole gravy-train of parking enforcement to avoid "corruption".

What a pile of contradictions and between-the-lines distorted Orwellian new-speak. We all know reporting is supposed to give us the facts with a little analysis for good measure, but let's face it, the parking situation blows and it will probably get worse.

The topic of privatizing parking enforcement will likely be discussed at the Oct. 7 commission meeting at Miami Beach City Hall.


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  1. You are a rambling, un-informed idiot. Why should the parking be free? Take the bus, moron. Leave the space for someone who values the real estate it occupies. If there were no charge, you would never find a space find a space in front of your studio and neither would any of the customers who might show up to buy the dresses you make, clay that you mold into falic symbols or whatever you try to push on to people as art. Obviously, you are too uneducated to get a real job because you do not understand the basic supply and demand principles. Hopefully you never have to get a real job because it just might be for the government and then you would see how difficult it is to solve problems instead of just complain about them.