Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rauschenberg RIP

"Milton Ernest Rauschenberg was born on Oct. 22, 1925 ....

Rauschenberg saw Thomas Gainsborough's celebrated 1770 painting of young Jonathan Buttal, famously known as "The Blue Boy." He knew the illustrious painting from calendar reproductions and playing cards, but like many people from rural and small-town America, he was thunderstruck by an otherwise obvious fact: Pictures are painted by people.

"That just never occurred to me before," he said, recalling the epiphany, even though he had been drawing avidly since the age of 10. Rauschenberg decided on the spot to become an artist."

I'll never forget years ago going a small gallery in miami for an opening of his small wall sculptures- clever assemblages of found objects wrapped in clear plastic and twine. Rauschenberg sashed in, took a looked around and commented to the dealer- gee whiz, it's all so nice, but why did you not unwrap them?

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