Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Global Waw on SOME terists

Here is a nice pic of cuban brides 50's that a lady was showing at a recent BBQ of the Municipio de Camaguey, one of the The Big Five Club, a local must-join social club for cuban-americans here. They just love my obamobile. To be in exile is a work-ing progress, I should know, these are my people. we are here to not suffer, to boldly go where no cuban has gone before, miami, where old folks relish unfullfilled, where the irony is painful.

militant cuban exile honored.

"I want to give you a kiss," said a woman who was among the first to greet Posada as he arrived at the Big Five Club.... attorney who represents the Venezuelan government in the extradition case, called the tribute to Posada "outrageous," adding: "It would be like Osama bin Laden being honored by the Arab-American community."

Robert Perry of Consortium News has the poop on this:

Bush got a round of applause when he declared “one of the lessons learned after September the 11th is that we must hold people to account for harboring terrorists. If you harbor a terrorist, if you feed a terrorist, if you house a terrorist, you’re as equally guilty as the terrorist.”

So let's call Posada a "freedumb fighter".

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