Wednesday, May 7, 2008

got accidented, or suicided ?

The DC madam story reminds me of the thought that there is an element out there that is not squeamish about what needs doing to prop an illusion. It happens all the time, right? Like the mysterious death of Marla Ruzicka for counting the dead in iraq, or Pat Tillman for being an atheist in uniform. Investigative journalists know this all too well, it is risky business to rattle the cage of engineered consent.

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"Reflections on the 'suicide' of Deborah Jeane Palfrey:
1. It is heartening that no reputable commentator on this matter, or even most of the disreputable writers in the mainstream press, accepts this as a real suicide."

"the woman known as the "D.C. Madam"

Palfrey was found dead, hanging by a nylon rope from a metal beam in a backyard shed near her mother's home....

Palfrey's death was the second suicide associated with the case.

Her client list included Washington's political elite,

....Republican and married father of four who apologized publicly last year for using Palfrey's services.

Senior State Department official..... also was on the list and resigned from his post after the scandal broke. Palfrey also named Harlan Ullman, author of the "shock and awe" combat strategy, as a client...."

Point is only the crazies take delight in what is happening.

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