Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Trailer Parks n Virtual Recreation

Back in the good ol days the tailer park idea was pitched by swamp-sales people with images like this vintage prisma-color postcard. Indeed it must have been cool to have all your friends in one place under the sun and fun of the recreation state.

But then the storms (natural and economic) turned them into this....

... and today they look like this neighborhood public park in Little Haiti that just had a big openning for a welcomed crowd of voters. Park closes at sunset.

In the broader context of public spaces national parks attendance at places like yellowstone and the everglades is declining.

According to the Washington Post, Oliver R.W. Pergams, a biology professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago..... found that a growing number of Americans are becoming obsessed with "videophilia" - watching television and movies at home, surfing the Internet or playing video games.
Pergams.... says the enormous popularity of electronic media ( and gas prices) is having a significant impact on the number of visitors at our national parks. After increasing greatly for decades....
....what they describe as "the new human (american) tendency to focus on sedentary activities involving electronic media."

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