Sunday, June 5, 2011

Miami snapshots

South Florida is a magnet for all types of creatures. Most travelers arrive by airbuses, pre-screened and ripe for fleecing. To get here by car, you gotta deal with the gnatty welcoming committee of swamp-flies splattered on your grill.

The recent Urban Weekend FreakFest is not alone in perennial organized events that get the ire of locals. No gathering of revelers or conventioneers in resort town is without incidents with authority. Some my say ABMB brings an element of snobbery that fosters back-room dealings. I for one could do without the audacity of the Boat Show. But we live in a town reliant on a service economy so welcome one and all to the swamp.

All i'm saying is, Glad whatever happens here, Does not stay here.

Tourists and locals agree, our roads are a mine-field.
The Towing War currently being played out in SOBE is too rich.
It appears the City wants a bigger piece of the lucrative extortion racket as tow truck drivers give ex-convicts a bad name.

Miami, is a city grappled, shriveling on the vine in the swelter of uncertainty and disillusion.
No amount of distancing blinders or externalized costs will buffer us from the tidal wave of wealth disparity and downtrodden discontent. Yet the sun rises daily brighter than before.

Apparently a visit to Miami is still desirous and well worth the trip, as evident from all the banks and commercial interests that put on a good face for cash strapped Dade County.

Miami, the city of watch your ass.

Miami, the city of take the money and run.

Miami, the city of slum lords and their abandoned buildings.

Miami, DA ONE SPOT for 305 counter culture.

Miami, where time melts standing still.

Miami, Look Ma, no curb!

Miami, a place loaded with WTF's.

Miami, where nothing is Free, but the swampyness.

Miami, a place to build your dream temple retreat home. Just don't run out of credit.

A Place to Ride Off Into the Sunset. Just don't make a rolling Right on Red.



  1. Yet another fine post Sanchez

  2. Good pics.

    Just remember, as you could do without the boat show, many of us could do without the "art" shows.