Monday, June 13, 2011

Class of 2011

School's Out ! From coast to coast high school seniors that have completed their primary education requirements are eligible for certificates of graduation. With rented caps and gowns they readily line up to receive the earned recognition for toughing it out in what is perhaps the best or worst four years for every adolescent since the invention of books.

Each year hundreds of kids and their proud families crowd the enchanting Olympia Theater in downtown Miami. The recurring ritual is always marked by a sentimental blend of peculiar pomp and populous partaking.

Notable speakers this year included the Arts philanthropist Rosa DeLa Cruz seated left of center next to the utterly perplexing poodle Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall who represented the local school board. By far the most impressive and inspirational words were delivered by the kids themselves. Their spirit for ambition restores the weary with hope for the future of the swamp.

Families celebrate the Graduating Class of 2011 outside the Gusman Theater Downtown Miami.

I can not understate the accomplishments that our teenagers continue to achieve knowing the hurdles and obstacles of an education system that is like many other functions of our society, on the verge of collapse but too big to fail.

For some luck and well deserving princesses , no graduation is complete without a visit to the historic and schmaltzy emporium of shiny things, the jewelers Seybold Arcade downtown where proud dad's are obliged to dig deep for a tangible demonstration of their affection.

The place is a 14k house of smoked mirrors.
The next place for many kids is the classifieds...


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