Monday, June 6, 2011

Turning Yemenis

The Napoleon (far left) of the little country of Yemen has left the building...

High Fives by Low Lives. It is no surprise that for a few willing to sell their soul, absolute power is a just a hand shake away. But who would have guessed that a popular uprising in the middle east could be engineered from without. With such romantic names like Jasmine Revolution or Arab Spring, the media will portray this peoples' revolution with monotone shades of camouflage blood crimson.

Like old camels put out to pasture, each and every world leader that is not up to the test of kowtowing to Imperial Financial insistence of complicity in the domination of the masses will be ousted one way or another. The twilight of the old american century is giving way to a new dark age.

Yemen is a fascinating place geographically. Nature created an oasis in the desert by the sea. Their god also deposited enough oil under the sand to make them a target of the petroleum dragons.

And so they syphon the sludge to fill barrels with crude for sales that reap obscene profit. But little of the wealth benefits the citizenry of common people.

Your average Yemeni guy may be an illiterate superstitious block-head but they are still people of their land and deserve better opportunity than what their current leadership offers.

It is a crime against humanity to criminalize the downtrodden, but it happens all the time.

A young man must have dreams and opportunity or he will get very upset and perhaps even go ape-sh*t one day.

Likewise, a young girl is entitled to the same opportunities and respect, or she too may go ape-sh*t one day.

Where i come from, this looks like a permanent funeral not a lifestyle choice.

Oops, you never know who's under that burka...

... or what they might get up to given a wardrobe revolution.

While most people live in places like these...

... they worship in places like this.

While intolerant old men waste their time like this...

... your average Yemeni prefers to waste their time like this.

One thing is certain, America's Imperial yearnings of the last 100 years have got us chained in a bed of thorns with incompatibles. We have squandered our wealth on blowing shit up and killing our children.


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