Saturday, June 27, 2009

the Wizard of Pop

To Have and Have Not. Half price of hemingway.

Is there a human out there that does not know who michael jackson was? are there people out there who have never heard of... jesus christ!

Bag News Notes
knocks it out of the market with this masterpiece image of mass-appeal.

juan cole had an unexpected take on michael jackson:

Michael Jackson's sad death at age 50 has provoked an outpouring of emotion around the whole world. Because of globalization, it is an event that affects fans in Asia and the Middle East, as well. In early 2007, his brother Jermaine, a Muslim, announced that Michael would embrace that religion. In November of 2008, just months before his death press reports said that Michael Jackson had formally converted to Islam.

UPDATE: we report, you'all decide.



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