Saturday, June 20, 2009

I ran, in the opposite direction

Scenes of Mayhem and Democracy.

This post would have been timely last week when the mainstream media giants were withholding information on the protests over the democratic elections in Iran. It took them a week to figure out how to spin the thing for some self-serving end.

Maybe they needed the advice of their keepers before acting.

Lawful Assembly Iranian Style.

The Iranian people are mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore. The islamic revolution is working. The entrenched power structure is realizing that democracy has its devils. That the church/state is showing tolerance, restraint for a dissenting multitude is commendable. This level of maturity is something very new for the seemingly backward middle east cultures.

Hey, We Also Speak English Here!

So that we Americans here can get the full scope of the turmoil in Tehran, someone there has very conveniently provided protesters with English graphics. But was there any credentialed foreign journalists there last week? a few maybe. Did we see anything on TV ? not much really.

Heads will RocknRoll.

I have high hopes for the Iranian people. I never bought into the Bush era demonizing. Regular folk in Iran today are educated, affluent and not ubereligious. They are well positioned to propel the transformation of their country by peaceable means.

They definitely don't need us to meddle, cause when we do there is blow-back.

They don't call them DICK-tators for nothing.

But trust me, you have not seen the end of the irreversible irony that is Iran.

When your done bleeding, start reading.

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