Thursday, June 18, 2009

what the ocean says to me often

She says.....

Yes the ocean is perfect, the beach is good and they are both free. It is practically the only good thing around here that you can count on. Sky, sand and water, simple perfect harmony. Oh yeah and if you are not a native don't forget to buy the sun block, yahoo it's hot!

Money Makes My Head Go Round.

Yes we all know what is foremost on people's minds these days, money and ideas like is there enough to go around, when will it get to me? Do we spend or save, borrow or steal? Money matters take up allot of our time and braincells for what, chump-change. I guarantee a dunk in the ocean will not cure your fiduciary woes but it will make you all salty, picked and grounded. We are after all 90% water... the remaining 10% is up to you.

All work an no pray makes Abdul a dull boy.

Big plans and big dreams can turn to scams and fig creams when self-fulfilling prophesies are at play. Such is the wall of streets that man builds as the adults chant is unison "We have not hit the bottom of the real-estate crash, hold on to your galoshes and squirrel away that cash."


Fear of the Deep?

What good is living near the ocean if you never go to it, to get in the water and get advice from Yemaya, to make an offering to inner space?

The ocean said to me, "Beauty and danger are just beneath the surface. "

I said to her, "I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut".


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