Thursday, June 4, 2009

walk like an Egyptian

If there is a way to humanize the ravages of our times, it is this soldier in Afghanistan doing it swampstyle. Hard working Americans are the backbone, neck-bone and funny-bone of democracy and by extension freedom of expression.

We get up in the morning, say goodbye to the spouse n kids and go to work on tarmacs, factories and farms. Millions of us go to work in the service sector; hair dressers, chefs, plumbers and salesmen... lest we forget that labor precedes capital.

We say 'see ya later' to the loved ones and fire up our labor armor and deflector shields to venture forth to the alter of growth capitalism to make an offering for deals that bring home the bacon.

Service is foremost on the mind of our commander and chief. He sets out to the world to sell ideas. he knows all too well that sales is an art and a science. Was the recent speech a "hinge" moment in history or just a really good day at the office?

It is one thing to sleep with the enemy ( bush tried n failed) but it is quite another to dance the tango of international pomp and circumstance and come out a winner by the end of the work-week.

Guess who is not tickled pink out of his boxers with Obama's address to the people of the middle East this Friday in Cairo.

Just listen to young drunk Israeli-Americans comments, this is what we are up against, scary shocking.

Yahoo certainly did not invent Mondays but whoever figured out Fridays n furlough is a friend in deed.


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