Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flash of the Spirit

ICU- James Minime gazes upon the cinders and ash of his charred studio.

The allure of the swamp on blue-chip artist such as Roy Litchentein and James Rosenquist is a testament to the splendor of the tropics, the inspirational light that illuminates with perfection. This is a place where great talent have realized works of art, but they have had to put up with some backwardness when setting up shop in Bumflub, FL.

Last week the St. Petersburg Times reported:

ARIPEKA — The weekend fire that claimed the house and studios of internationally famous artist James Rosenquist left nothing inside to be salvaged...
Of the scorched site, part of a 100-acre tract he owns that includes forest and marshland, Rosenquist said: "I won't rebuild right away. I'll see what Mother Nature does first."

From Chaos comes Order, and back again.

With a casual look at these two photos it is hard to tell what is BEFORE and AFTER the fire, but in all seriousness this accident/arson is a huge hit for everyone who loves art.

At 75 Rosenquist is a living legend, a master painter with lifetime achievements that will assure his legacy. He is here to witness history and document it in his own unique signature style.

Progress and Productivity, one decade at a time.

Straight up and to the point. Rosenquist paints Obama. If you have ever stood in front of a Rosenquist then you know the power of art, it is a first-hand experience. A picture of a pipe is not a pipe you can light. To read about an artist life is nice, but to share that life with them, for better or worse, that is special.

swampthing sporting a classic.

Paradise Lost... that Sinking Feeling

Loss is a most unwelcome but familiar theme in life. It is one thing when great irreplaceable artworks and archives are destroyed but it is quite something else when the source is gone. The death of my pal Keith Haring at the age of 30 was overwhelming 20 years ago and today.
The only consolation is that which remains behind to remind us of his life, the contribution to our experience here on earth.

All-American Graffiti - 1984 Haring chalking up another masterpiece for the masses.

"The Universe of Keith Haring" is a wonderful film about the life and times of a unique artist who turned the world on it's break-dancing head. Keith's art is alive and well, his message is heard loud and clear from Kansas to Katmandu. It is the flash of the spirit that is inextinguishable. A special thanks to Christina Clausen for this very accurate and sentimental documentary film. It really touched my crusty/mushy heart.

Not so New Media circa 1984

Keith's work may seem very 80's but his spirit is forever young. There is no point in lamenting contributions to art that will never be realized by a life cut short. What matters is the awesome super-human level of productivity keith was able to sustain with ease till his demise from Aids. There were may lives lost to this monster. At a time when we all felt immortal, the ravages of that sinister agent actually fueled the flames of a passion for the artist's central purpose... To Live the Example.

Originators Freaky Mickey and King Haring the First.


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