Monday, April 27, 2009

Florida, the elder state

Hippocrates Lament

Paramedics in Gloves,
Our Health Care Systems in Taters,
Lawmakers forgetting what Matters,
With the grip of Big Pharma,
HMOs with Bad Karma,
Plain as the nose on my face, the Olfactors,
Our most pressing need is More Doctors.

Meeno Shel Silverstein

The movie that is moving us closer to a truth about Americas shortcoming.

from todays NY Times:

WASHINGTON — Obama administration officials, alarmed at doctor shortages, are looking for ways to increase the supply of physicians to meet the needs of an aging population and millions of uninsured people who would gain coverage under legislation championed by the president.

“We’re not producing enough primary care physicians,” Mr. Obama said at one forum. “The costs of medical education are so high that people feel that they’ve got to specialize.” New doctors typically owe more than $140,000 in loans when they graduate.

Old and Young Alike... they have special needs from us in betweens.

I have been taking care of my dear aging mummy who called me last week at 2 a.m. to say "I've fallen and I can't get up". By the time I got to her place, the Rescue guys had busted through her front door like tazmanian devils with the swift prerogative of those who save lives. They are angels with dirty faces. Dear mamasita is in a pickle with multiple fractures and now with 24 hour care... and hopped up on pain-killers. She will recover, but dear old-bones will never be the same. Thanks be to mary mother of god, that her mind is still ok and that her mouth works just fine... to the detriment of my auditory nerve.

Everyone knows the swamp, aka Florida, is a favored resting ground for the silver-years crowd. It is a nice place to ride off into the sunset. It may also be the epicenter (as with the housing market bubble crash) of the health care system collapse. If we don't find the medicine to fix it, to socialize the health care system, our very selves are in peril. Not surprising with the condition South FL is in today, a costly urban nesting ground, fewer people are retiring here.

When it comes to elder care, there is no shortage of loving hearts and able-bodies in need of jobs, work that is not only socially redeeming but would also heal our notions of humanity. Our collective bags of bones are at the mercy of the winds of change.

Meanwhile we shall laugh to keep from crying.

Lick in a Good Way.

Making light of a bad situation. Who doesn't love a sit-com. One of my stock questions for people in the very real world of health care providers is: Do you watch/like the TV show SCRUBS? Answer is an overwhelming, Yeah!


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