Sunday, May 3, 2009

Scenes from About

From business bee to Business Boss.

Swampstyle might open an office in North Miami, bricks and mortar not needed, the front lawn will do just fine. We locals are convinced that South Florida is practically an oasis in a world gone flat. Invariably there are some rude awakening rains.

You thought you could just ride off into the sunset?

Sure we gotta put up with the lunatic behemoth automobile culture in a city built on a muck baked swelter. We contend with a myriad of pesky mickey mouse rules and day to day pseudo-urban drudgery that is downright stifling. But the weather is lovely.

We put up with allot to live like this....

Proto-McMansion Another Hallmark Lifestyle.

... or like this, a cubist-condo in the shadow of FPL modern HQ...

Voluntary Detention Complex.

... or we reside in the many pockets of humble neighborhood where folks tend to stay behind closed doors in the AC watching TV laboring and slacking in whatever other private routines people do.

Here and There and Nowhere.

Images of Number 44 pepper the Little Haiti. Some neighborhoods appear to be more immune than others to the Dade County Sign Ordinance.

The Intersection of Sprawl and Isolation.

The building boom may have busted but it continues cobbling along and there is always some fine structures going up somewhere for architecture freaks to obsess.

Neo-Caribbean Art Depot Opening Soon.

Can't say anything bad about the Rosa de la Cruz Collection Facility in Design District.

Judging the social grapevine and the lucrative party catering cottage industry, one would conclude that Miami life is a spinning cavalcade of parties, fund raisers, openings/closings, benefits and all round matinee 12 step baccanal, but it isn't. For many the business of celebration and revelry is simply hard work. It is good that we are mostly a service economy, less manufacturing equals less pollution. But what do we do when the music ends?

Pop-Rock Star Props To Go

Ladies from the Deep Lagoon.

Stephanie Miller and Randy Rhodes might as well be from here because thought they may not sound like local ladies, they look so right for the quintessential SoFla queens, it itches. Hey Steph, what's up with local talk 940 am, they need a can of whupas.

A Picture of a Floor is Not a Floor, but it's good enough.

305 is a strange normal place made ever flatter with images such as this vinyl ad on the side of a van showing an uber-yuppy couple waltzing on imitation wood flooring.

The Golden Shovels.

Top-Dog and Under-Dawg Dig In to Save a swamp. In the words of Shirley Q. Liquor, " Awww Lawwd, Can't We Git Some Helllllllp Up In Here!"

Big Tims Little Secret.

My secretary, a telephony virtuoso, is standing by to take you comments...


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