Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rather Pissed Fried Laptops

Dan Rather is the consummate paper-man, a print icon TV anchor who not only reports the news, he also makes news. When he was fired in '04 from CBS for airing a blistering report on Dubya's military record (going awal from national guard) he became an instant media god.

Dan Rather Slams Corporate News

"..... if you really need an answer, you can turn on your television, where you will see the following:

Political analysis reduced to in-studio shouting matches between partisans armed with little more than the day's talking points.

Precious time and resources wasted on so-called human-interest stories, celebrity fluff, sensationalist trials, and gossip.
A proliferation of "news you can use" that amounts to thinly-disguised press releases for the latest consumer products.

And, though this doesn't get said enough, local news, which is where most Americans get their news, seems not to change no matter what town or what city you're in...

Perhaps there is an even more important reason why the incentive to produce quality news is absent, and that is: quality news of integrity, by its very nature, is sure to rock the boat now and then. Good, responsible news worthy of its Constitutional protections will, in that famous phrase, afflict the powerful and comfort the afflicted.

From that rather right-on schooling of corporate media to this outrageous and very believable report on the impending doom, the perils of computing in the cyber-world.

Vid-Stone photo not related.

"... The Air Force has now set up its own Cyber Command, redefined the Internet as just more "air space..." (to control.)

Attention Geeks and Hackers
Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants You!
By William J. Astore

my computer screen momentarily went black.
A glitch? A power surge? No, it was a pop-up ad for the U.S. Air Force, warning me that an enemy cyber-attack could come at any moment -- with dire consequences for my ability to connect to the Internet. It was an Outer Limits moment. Remember that eerie sci-fi show from the early 1960s? The one that began in a blur with the message, "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission….

Part of the Air Force's new "above all" vision of full-spectrum dominance, America's emerging cyber force has control fantasies that would impress George Orwell. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Department of Homeland Security, and other governmental agencies, the Air Force's stated goal is to gain access to, and control over, any and all networked computers, anywhere on Earth, at a proposed cost to you, the American taxpayer, of $30 billion over the first five years.... well as send commands to ‘fry' their hard drives." ... the ability to deceive, deny, disrupt, degrade, and destroy an enemy's computer information systems."

Most of the jobs to be had these days are in the business of crazies.

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