Sunday, June 1, 2008

brown people's blue gold

Where there is BlueGold there are corporatist piranhas.
Tropical central america is probably one of the wettest places on earth, but I'll wager that our neighbors to the south are more thirsty than ever. The rush to privatize our fresh water supplies is a affront to global human rights. When was the last time you had a sip of tap water?

Water Privatization in El Salvador and the Global War on Terror
Researched by Andrea Lochtefeld

Salvadoran police violently captured community leaders and residents at a July 2007 demonstration against the privatization of El Salvador’s water supply and distribution systems. Close range shooting of rubber bullets and tear gas was used against community members for protesting the rising cost, and diminishing access and quality of local water under privatization. Fourteen were arrested and charged with terrorism, a charge that can hold a 60 year prison sentence, under El Salvador’s new “Anti-terrorism Law,” which is based on the US Patriot Act. While criminalization of political expression and social protest signals an alarming danger to the peace and human rights secured by Salvadorans since its brutal 12-year civil war, the US government publicly supports the Salvadoran government and the passage of the draconian anti-terrorism law...

And let's not forget something to put all that private water into.... the ubiquitous single-size plastic bottle/trash.

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