Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oppel and Kwok, gallery wok

On view now at Galerie Perrotin miami are two unrelated exhibitions by Martin Oppel and Cary Kwok. As summer night descended on the swamp, the opening reception was a civilized affair with the usual faces of unusual characters partaking in the unparalleled hospitality that only perrotin delivers with utmost european grace and gentility. Conspicuous by their absence were the scores of meteoric 'mink and mignon' jet setters who are no doubt on their way to thee big Basel in old country. There is a truth about miami that newcomers overlook, particularly in business: If you can make it here (through the summer), you can make it anywhere.

Martin is 'on fire' with illuminating landscape paintings and mind-bending sculptures of the mundane. Consistent with previous work, he continues to explore and define a passion for the meticulous, making it all look effortless. But let's not forget it takes hard work and sacrifice to make great art.

Hard at work is Kwok with a seemingly unending detail for the eros of manitalia in blue. Bring you reading glasses to fully appreciate a macro view of his creamy drawings... and leave you inhibitions at home. Cary's work is reminiscent of Tom Finland, Frances Bacon, Raqib Shaw, and Adolfo Sanchez.

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