Friday, June 13, 2008

"I gave my word to stop at third"

from Crooks n Liers:

"It’s bad enough when the Bush administration awards tax dollars to abstinence-only programs that don’t work. It’s worse when our money goes to far-right abstinence groups based on their political connections. And it’s even worse still when these same abstinence groups get more money than they even asked for."

Bill Bennett need not gamble to get his wife's abstinence program some crony-dollars.

"... In Spring 2003, it became widely known that Bennett was a high-stakes gambler who reportedly had lost millions of dollars in Las Vegas."

1 comment:

  1. Third is what again? First base is making out, second is everything above the waist and maybe mutual masterbation, and third is oral? What base is anal? This is entirely too confusing for me! Maybe that's why I just hit the bat, run the bases, and slide in on home. Abstinence sucks.