Sunday, June 8, 2008

For the Love of 33154

All Aboard.... train back to the swamp departing... next stop zip-code 33154.

Thanks Marc for the info:

Tuesday, June 10, 7:30pm
Books & Books, Bal Harbour Shops

Detailing the histories of four beautiful suburban communities just north of Miami Beach, 33154: The Story of Bal Harbour, Bay Harbour Islands, Indian Creek Village and Surfside is an intimate and loving look at four of the most beautiful, affluent and unique municipalities in America.

With a history that dates back to the early 1920's, the two villages (Bal Harbour and Indian Creek Village) and the two towns (Bay Harbor Islands and Surfside) are intertwined through like interests and geographic proximity. While Surfside, Bal Harbour and Bay Harbor Islands have residential, commercial and hospitality areas, Indian Creek Village is an island of magnificent homes and an equally beautiful country club.

The story of these four neighbors is told in detail in Seth Bramson's inimitable and unique style and close to 200 photographs detail the histories of the towns and villages featured in the book. 33154 is a first history of the wonderful and much admired region just north of Miami Beach.

Our favorite golden girl Dorothy Blau had her art galley in Bay Harbor for years. She is a big fan of pop art and donated this Robert Indiana "LOVE" to the town beautification.

Indian Creek's roads are technically "open to the public" (we pay for maintenance), but if you are not visiting one of the few resident zillionaires, good luck convincing the guards to let you in for a gawk. The massive golf course occupies most of the island and is a very private club with a spotty history. The good news is that it remains an open "natural" space, probably laced with pesticides but not crowded with condos.

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